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We do offer reflexology services to the older people above 65 years in their Homes. It has been found that aged people as they body system keeps being awakened as they grow older,.. there is a constant need of physiology treatment.. thus in this practical videos we also want to share you how you can help your grandma or grandpa by doing a reflexology treatment and a genuine massage to them.
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In this 13 years we have received more than 11689 patients with different suckness and we did treat them with reflexology only.. it has been stated internationally that a reflexology treatment should not exceed 45mins per session and it should not hurt. But, you’ll be surprised that those statements that been made are a hindrance to a genuine reflexology treatment.
In our research we did find that a patient with Inborn genetic diseases should not be treated below 2 hours per session and he/she should cop up with pain in the middle of treatment if he or she wants to be cured in a few days
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As you’ll be watching practical videos you’ll discover yourself that no other kind of treatment in the world can surpass reflexology in treatment of diseases. Because with reflexology you can treat 95% of ailments and diseases. And through our series of videos you are about to access you’ll understand this by yourself
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You’ve always been told that reflexology is only for relieving stress, brain tensions, blood flow, and cancer patient under chemotherapy and it just for helping them to have a calm and positive mind. They did lie to you.. Reflexology is more than that
It is believed that a good massage will balance one’s entire system and thus create a relaxant mood which then turns one’s vital organs to be steady and healthy. We are not interested just in offering you a genuine massage but also teaching you how you can do it for your family and friends in need.
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